kunanyi/Mount Wellington history

Explore the history of kunanyi/Mount Wellington through the historic images, anecdotes and documents in these pages. Highlights include the historic huts, the Springs, Fern Tree, and our detailed written documents.

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Our third book: The Huts of kunanyi/Mount Wellington

The Huts of kunanyi/Mount Wellington

This book was originally produced as a part of The People’s Library 2018. It is currently being reprinted for a March 2019 launch. Stay tuned for book launch and purchase details.

Our second book: The track network of kunanyi/Mount Wellington

Tracks of kunanyi/Mount Wellington
This A4 sized book was produced in October 2017. It concentrates on the tracks of the mountain, and includes historic maps and photographs of walkers on the tracks in the past.


Our original book: The Romance of Mount Wellington

The Romance of Mount Wellington

The authors have spent several decades doing field research on the history of our Mountain. During this time they have rediscovered many of its hidden secrets.

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