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The Huts of kunanyi/Mount WellingtonThe Huts of kunanyi/Mount Wellington.
Second edition, published August 2020

This book deals with a series of huts which were built in the years between 1890 and 1920, when, with great sensitivity and imagination, several groups of young people worked in their spare time for no financial reward, using only local materials, in order to create beautiful ornate rustic huts, bridges, arbours, verandahs, summer-houses, gardens, and bush furniture on the lower slopes of kunanyi. These structures, which were built in the then-popular “Arts and Crafts” style of the Art Nouveau, became famous in their day both for their artistry and for the generous hospitality of the hut builders. They were widely visited by local, interstate and international visitors.

Our latest book, Mulga Mick In Tasmania, is now available to purchase. Published October 2019: only 50 copies printed.

Who was Mulga Mick?
• An Irish firebrand
• A generous, hospitable man
• A tireless fighter for the rights of workers
• A friend of bush animals and birds
• A keen mining prospector
• A poet and teller of tall tales

Mulga Mick (M. J. O’Reilly, 1875-1958), was a colourful character who, among his many other achievements, worked in the Adamsfield osmiridium mines and on the construction of the Pinnacle Road, kunanyi/Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.
His passion and enthusiasm for every project he undertook was legendary. This book is filled with his letters, poems, and often controversial thoughts and ideas. Come along and enjoy the ride.

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The Romance of Mount Wellington

The Romance of Mount Wellington

In our original book, the romance of “The Mountain” is gradually revealed to the reader through many beautiful images and simple explanatory notes.

Pictures are sourced from the authors’ extensive personal postcard collection, as well as from their own photos, which have been taken during their many years of exploration on our wonderful Mountain. 

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REVIEW from June 2012 issue No. 41 of “Alumni News Magazine”:

This exploration of the history of Mount Wellington is illustrated with many historical postcards from the authors’ extensive Mount Wellington postcard collection, as well as some photos of historic sites as they look today.

Charmingly written and beautifully presented by John Grist and Maria Grist (BA 1971), it provides pictures and information concerning the once-famous recreational huts of the early 1900’s, and also of walking tracks, waterfalls, mills, the Fern Tree and Springs hotels, the Fern Tree Bower, the meteorological observatory at the pinnacle, the tea gardens, the Mountain Lake, the Stockade and many other interesting historical features.

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