The Springs

The Springs is a large flat shoulder of land around halfway up the Mountain. Its name derives from the fact that a number of springs in the area were brought around the shoulder to augment Hobart’s water supply. At various times it included a Hotel, a ranger’s  cottage, a caretaker’s hut (Woods Hut), a large rhododendron and native garden, vegetable gardens, shelter sheds, stables, pigstys, etc.

Historic Exhibition Gardens

The Historic Exhibition Gardens were built in the early 1930’s at the Springs. These extensive gardens were once a showcase of Tasmanian flora which was much loved and visited by locals and tourists alike. The gardens were originally built at Read More …

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Springs Hotel

The Springs Hotel was built in 1907 and was burned in the bushfires of February 1967. It was never officially licensed to sell alcohol, and in spite of the fact that it was never a financial success, it was treasured Read More …

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Ranger’s cottage

The Ranger’s cottage replaced Woods Hut and was built in 1890. Special Constable Gadd was the first occupier. Gadd continued Woods’ duties, as well as looking after the telephone service and the water supply intake. More information in our Springs Read More …

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Woods Hut

Henry Woods occupied a hut at the Springs with his family between 1860 and the early 1880’s. He was known as “The Old Man of the Mountain”. He looked after visitors’ needs, maintained tracks, and acted as a guide. More Read More …

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Please see our document A Timeline for the buildings at the Springs, Mt. Wellington. By Maria Grist.